Sydney Sweeney calls costar and her on-screen sister Maude Apatow “ride or die”

Sydney Sweeney and Maude Apatow are a dynamic duo on the television screen!

In an Instagram post on Thursday, Sweeney, 24, shared photos from her and Apatow’s photoshoot for PEOPLE’s The Beautiful Issue, which is currently on newsstands. The photos included behind-the-scenes shots as well as official photographs from the shoot.

Adding a single red heart emoji to the caption, Sweeney wrote alongside the photo carousel: “My turn or die.”

Co-stars Euphoria and Lexi Howard, who play sisters, Cassie and Lexi Howard, can be seen striking a pose in front of a mirror in the images released by the studio. Other images, including one of Apatow, who is also 24 years old and is positioned on Sweeney’s back, are also featured.

His real sister Iris Apatow commented, “Awww.” In the comments section, Apatow wrote, “I love you,” to which his real sister Iris Apatow responded, “I love you.”

Leslie Mann, the girls’ mother – who is married to Judd Apatow and lives with him in a couple – also commented on three red heart emojis in the video.

Michael Avedon is a photographer who lives in New York City. Sydney Sweeney (on the left) and Maude Apatow (on the right).

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Sweeney and Maude revealed in PEOPLE’s The Beautiful Issue that they’ve been inseparable since meeting on the set of the hit HBO series four years ago and that they’ve been together ever since.

The rest of the family knows that if I’m not in my trailer, I’m at Maude’s, and vice versa. If Maude isn’t in her trailer, she’s in mine, Sweeney explained. The sister I’ve always wished I had is the sister I’ve always wished I had.

Both of them admitted that they spend most of their time in their pajamas, scrolling through TikTok or searching for memes to send each other.

Dance videos on TikTok provided Sweeney with much-needed relief, she explained. “When we got bored, we started making some moves. We’re a couple who prefers to stay at home. That is not the case, in my opinion!”

Sweeney and Maude have expressed gratitude for the opportunity to rely on one another as their fame has grown. “Knowing that we have each other to talk to when we are having a stressful day is really nice,” Maude explained.

Sweeney described Maude as “one of the nicest actresses I’ve ever worked with,” and Apatow praised Sweeney as “the most on-point, coolest person” at the end of the day. “She is extremely hardworking and the most amazing person to work with.”

“It’s surprising that we’ve been able to forge such a strong bond,” Sweeney stated. “It’s extremely difficult, not only for girls but for everyone in our industry, to maintain friendships because we’re constantly traveling and jumping from project to project.” You don’t have a lot of spare time to devote to developing a friendship. “We spend a lot of time together,” says Euphoria.

According to Maude, “We’re so fortunate to be working on a show that we’re proud of and that we enjoy being a part of.”