Dominic Fike Consumed Substantial Amounts Of Substances before Audition

Dominic Fike is a singer, composer, and musician who rose to prominence for his performance in the HBO series Euphoria. In the show’s second season, he became one of the most beloved characters. Fike recently disclosed a really intriguing fact.

Fike’s announcement that he is dating co-star Hunter Schafer made news. The rumors had been circulating for quite some time prior to it.

Dominic Fike has recently disclosed that he could have appeared in the show’s first season. However, he ruined his prospects by ingesting a large quantity of magic mushrooms prior to his audition.

During his interview with GQ, he had gone through numerous audition rounds and was asked to perform a “final chemistry read” with Barbie Ferreira. Fike deemed it prudent to use medicines before to his performance.

“I reached my peak while Barbie and I were reading,” remarked Fike. Unfortunately, the mushrooms had little effect on his performance. Rather, he merely confused the show’s creator, Sam Levinson, who he imagined was wearing a dress. Fike recalled, “I looked at him and asked, ‘Are you wearing a dress right now?'” “It was insane. I began making jokes about everyone in the room.

They responded, “What?” The. F**k?'”

Fike hypothesized that Levinson recognized potential in him because he was given a role in the second season. Fans would love to see Fike return for the third season, but we’ll have to wait and see when it will be released.