‘Euphoria’ star Sydney Sweeney shows off her vintage Ford Bronco, which she restored herself

Sydney Sweeney is more than just a performer. She’s also a mechanic!

At eBay Motors’ first New York Auto Parts Show on Wednesday, the “Euphoria” diva displayed a 1969 Ford Bronco that she said she had rebuilt herself.

Sweeney claimed in a statement released by eBay Motors, “I’ve done everything from rebuilding the transmission to wire brushing out rust.”


she’s all done and was center stage at the @ebay motors part show 🙂 so proud of how she turned out! #ebaypartner

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Sweeney stated that she purchased the car in February and has been documenting her restoration process on TikTok since then. The “White Lotus” actress posted videos of herself renovating the interior and installing the fuel pump.

“It’s really important to me to maintain the integrity of the original Ford build,” she explained.

Sweeney discussed how she’s been fixing up the car on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last month.

“My closest friend’s father makes and restores Porsches, so he set up a part of his shop for me and has been assisting me along the way,” she explained. “I’ve been learning the entire procedure.” It was a lot of fun.”

Sweeney stated on Instagram that her closest friend’s father has been a “2nd dad to me half my life.” Despite her lack of automotive knowledge, he “patiently taught me the ins and outs of car restoration.”

“There were a lot of bruises, discolored hands, a broken finger, bolts that wouldn’t budge, and trouble finding parts,” she explained. “But I’m so proud of how it’s all come together!”

Sweeney told Cosmopolitan in February that she enjoys driving older vehicles because they have “history.” So, when quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic, she began perusing auction sites.

“I desperately wanted a Bronco,” she told Cosmopolitan. “But I wanted to make one so that when I drove it and people said, ‘nice car,’ I could say, ‘yes, thanks,’ and know I produced it.”

Sweeney’s life has altered dramatically since she was a high school student in Spokane, Washington, because to her work on “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus.”

“I remember not wanting to park in my school lot three, four years ago because I didn’t have a good automobile,” she recounted. “But, at the same time, I’m quite proud of myself. I get teary thinking that I’m actually working and achieving my dreams.”