Sydney Sweeney relaxes in a t-shirt and jeans in Los Angeles.

Sydney Sweeney walked out in Los Angeles wearing a casual appearance. The 24-year-old actress wore a sage green crew neck t-shirt with cap sleeves and high-waisted trousers to take advantage of the pleasant spring weather. The Euphoria actress finished off her look with black Converse tops, a black belt, and a huge YSL purse.

The 5’3″ artist appeared to be unwinding following a fun-filled weekend at the Coachella Music Festival. She wore her hair in a sleek bun and used minimal makeup to highlight her peach and cream complexion.

Following her performances in HBO’s Euphoria and White Lotus, the versatile actress has been cast in the next Marvel film Madame Web, which also stars Dakota Johnson. The movie is set in Sony’s Spider-Man universe.

The story’s specifics have yet to be revealed. In the comics, Madame Web suffers from a crippling sickness and relies on her psychic abilities to overcome adversaries. The nature of the role she will perform has not been revealed.In New Mexico, the actress recently finished filming National Anthem. She will co-star with Halsey and former Grey’s Anatomy actor Eric Dane in the crime drama.

When not on-site, the burgeoning entrepreneur has been marketing Laniege US skincare products. She just completed a 1969 Ford Bronco rebuild and displayed her work at the New York Auto Parts exhibition.

In her leisure time, the aspiring businesswoman has been promoting new Laneige US skincare products. She’s also spent time under the hood of a 1969 Ford Bronco, which she recently rebuilt and displayed at the New York Auto Parts show. “I just want to say to any young girl who is into cars, prove her wrong, you can do anything you decide,” the amateur mechanic wrote in a social media post about the project.

A wedding could be one of his upcoming projects. The actress recently married her longtime boyfriend, restaurateur Jonathan Davino, 37.

In an Instagram post, she wrote, “I just want to say to all the young girls out there who care about cars: prove them wrong, you can do whatever you want.”