Raj Kundra asked for nude audition an actress claimed

Raj Kundra Asked for Nude Audition

Actress Shilpa Shetty is in the news because of the arrest of her husband and businessman Raj Kundra this Monday for allegedly publishing pornographic images through a mobile application in Mumbai. After the arrest, the interview of an actress/model Sagarik was discovered where she had made several accusations against Kundra. She accused that Raj Kundra Asked for a Nude Audition.

In the video that went viral in February 2021, Sagarika said that the husband of Shilpa Shetty contacted her for the new Web series. However, she was shocked when she was asked to send her nude audition. She then declined the offer.

“He told me if I joined (the web series), I would continue to get work and I would reach great heights. So I agreed and then he told me to audition. I told him it’s COVID so how will I give the audition. So he said you can do it via video-call. When I joined the video call, he demanded that I give a nude audition. I was shocked and I refused. The video call had three people- one of whom had their face covered and ond one of them was Raj Kundra I think. I want that if he is involved in such things, he is arrested and such a racket is exposed.

In the video, she claimed that she was contacted by one of the close associates of Raj Kundra for the web series. So she asked how she will give an audition in the COVID time. He then gave her a Zoom link where three people were present in which one of them was Raj.

They asked her for a nude audition which she abruptly refused.