‘First Kill’ Actress Sarah Catherine Hook Shares Her Vision for Season Two

Teenagers enjoy dark, terrifying, and bloody vampire shows. The Twilight series, The Vampire Diaries, and The Originals are among the most admired vampire television series. First Kill is a similar show that Netflix has streamed. The show is packed with drama. After the success of the first season, Sarah Catherine Hook, the show’s star, reveals her hopes for the second season.

Sarah Catherine Hook expresses her desire for a second season.

When a supernatural being falls in love with a mortal human, it makes both of their lives more difficult. However, the story begun in the first season of First Kill is unfinished. Sarah Catherine Hook is optimistic, and she expresses the same sentiments.

The final season concludes with a great deal of chaos. Theo became a vampire after his brother staked him. Elinor attempts self-defense, and Theo is injured. Juliette comes to his aid and attempts to drain him of his blood to make it easier for him to die, but she is unsuccessful, and he becomes a vampire. Now, Theo is a vampire, a creature he despises and is trained to hunt. It breaks apart the Burns family.

Juliette visits her brother Oliver after turning over her sister to police. Juliette and Oliver bond and get closer like never before. However, Juliette does not know who reintroduces the monsters to the town. In reality, Oliver has plans to ruin the lives of certain individuals.

Hook admits in the interview that she understands Oliver’s situation. She also claims that she would likely exact revenge. “He is misinterpreted. And I believe that is very similar to how Juliette feels, so I believe she begins to see parallels between them,” says Hook.

According to Hook, Juliette has a soft spot for Oliver. Oliver is the bad guy, she was told by everyone, and she believed it. However, Hook believes that her character may be realizing that they share more similarities. Once she learns Oliver’s intentions, Juliette may no longer support him.

Hook also reveals that Juliette will experience a dark period. She will likely go to a place where she murders people out of depression, and she and Cal will have additional conflicts. Hook thinks Cal, too, will probably try to kill Juliette a few times, now that the two characters have reached a breaking point.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the second season’s numerous plot twists. Have you seen the initial season of First Kill? Are you also excited about the next season?