Former ‘NCIS’ star Zoe McLellan’s husband JP Gillain isn’t sure if his kidnapped son is dead or alive

Former “NCIS” star Zoe McLellan’s husband said he doesn’t know whether his kidnapped child is dead or alive. His wife Zoe McLellan is still nowhere to be found, along with their son, Sebastian, whose safety and well-being of a young boy are in question, as said by Gillian.

The battle for divorce and custody of the former “NCIS” star and her husband Jean-Pierre “JP” Gillain has been in the media for years.

McLellan and Gillain separated in 2014, with McLellan filing for custody of their son. Their divorce was finalized in 2016. Gillian was arrested on first-degree rape and aggravated crime against nature charges against their then-three-year-old son in January 2020 and later charges were dropped for insufficient evidence in May 2020.

At the time, Gillain accused his ex-wife of taking their then 4-year-old son to Toronto, Canada, without permission or warning so she could film for her TV show “Designated Survivor”.

The last time anyone heard of McLellan, she was reportedly living in Louisiana with Sebastian, who is now eight years old.

Gillian is desperate for her son, whom he has not spoken to or seen since 2019. He believes Sebastian is in great danger.

Speaking to Radar in an interview, JP Gillain said his top priority was to find Sebastian.

“I heard from her mother not too long ago via email when we tried to find her and track down my son. And then she disappeared.”

Zoe McLellan’s disappearance occurred in April of this year.

When asked what his ex-wife’s motive would be for stopping their email exchange, Gillain explained how he knew McLellan’s mental state was “not normal.”

“I don’t know how far I can reveal this, but Zoe’s psychological and mental state is not normal.”

“She quit her career twice as an actress when I met her,” he said. “She was extremely suicidal just before I met her. Her family knows it.”

He went on to say that he lived with her and that he knew her family history, including the abuse she suffered when she was young.

J.P. alleged that when he was married to Zoe, she cut off her mother and stepfather “on the choice of his career”. He then explained, “She wanted to be an actress and they wanted her to go to college. That’s it! She divorced her whole family and didn’t speak to them for 10 years. Extremely radical response.”

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Right before meeting her, Gillain knew that McLellan was already suicidal.

Her parents would have even had another plan if Zoe McLellan ever shows that she won’t be a capable mother.

Her parents told Gillain, “‘If we find that Zoe is unable to care for a child, we take the child, and we go back with the child to Seattle,’ where they lived.”

McLellan is also said to have a “delusional outlook on life”, believing that it’s easy to get away with many things and that everything will be fine in the end. “She’s extremely paranoid, extremely defensive.”

As for her disappearance, JP Gillian explained: “I am sure she is convinced that what she is doing by running away from life and taking our son with her is good for her.”

Zoe McLellan is said to have been self-diagnosed with bipolar, and to Gillain’s knowledge, she is not on medication.