Game of thrones Records : All Records Game of thrones has broken so far

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the most popular television series ever created. It’s the most expensive, most watched, most pirated and most award-festooned fictional television series in history. As the game of Thrones season, 8 which is also the final season came to an end, here we are going to look at all the records it has broken so far. None of the television series has been able to break this many records till now.

“Game of Thrones, Breaker of records”

The final season of game of thrones was released in April 14th of 2019 and it’s gonna end with its 6 episode on May 20, 2019. As the final season has not been satisfactory for the fans, millions of fans have even created a petition to remake the final season. Most of the complaints are related to bad storylines and the bad portrayal of the famous characters and their actions.
Talking about all the records it has broken: being the best series in television series it’s the most expensive, most watched, most pirated and most award-winning of all series ever made.

Here we are going to enlist all the records game of Thrones has broken so far.

List of records game of Thrones has broken :

1. Viewership Records

How many peoples will watch television shows live at the same time? Game of Thrones was launched in 2011 by HBO which is a premium subscription-based channel. Since its initial release game of thrones has never stopped growing and it has overtaken the most famous HBO series of that time “The Sopranos”. Till 2017 it has over 17 million live watches and 15 million tuned to watch it later on for its seventh installment.

It was released in 186 countries and shown in UK and France at the midnight to sync the premiere with the United States. We are not counting the illegal downloads and piracy it has got. It has also broken the record on pirated viewership and has become the most pirated television shows in history. Every day millions of viewers watch the game of thrones from a pirated source which is nearly impossible to stop. According to one record, it has sold over 1 billion pirated copies on the internet.

2. Rating Records

Game of Thrones is one of the most rated television shows so far. It has a massive rating of 9.5 out of 10 for its overall series and some of its episodes were rated 9.9 out of 10. You can clearly see, how good the quality of the television series is. It is rated by 1.4 million only on IMDB with the exact figure of 1489756 till date and it’s also growing. Even after this massive rating from viewers critiques has rated it as the best show ever.

3. Budget Records

As we have already said it’s the most expensive television series ever made. Just for its last season which is of 6 part, it cost around 15 million dollars for each episode making its total cost over 90 million. Most of the cost went for locations and special effects. The final episodes of game of thrones are also 1.2 hours long which is the same as that of many Hollywood movies.

HBO will surely get it’s money back but as a game of Thrones is an HBO based series based on HBO’s subscription-based monetization model its hard to calculate the exact revenue it has generated. But from some sources, it has got over 1 billion revenue so far which is massive even if we compare it to the biggest movies, it will obviously come in the top 10 list.

4. Award Records

Game of Thrones has been nominated in 128 of Emmy Award Categories and has got over 47 awards. Looking at this game of throne’s massive budget has been well spent so far.

5. Secrecy
Secrecy is the most important thing for movies and television shows alike. Especially for the television shows like game of thrones, it’s not so good to see it’s plotlines leaked prior to its release. Game of Thrones fans is so crazy that Season 5 and Season 7th few episodes are leaked to the public prior to the release. After these massive leaks, the producers D&D overhauled security of the installment and shot the several version of the series casting different storylines. These tactics were used for sopranos and breaking bad too.

Actress Sophie Turner who is playing the role of Sansa also fooled into believing red herring version of denouement. Many of the show’s trailers are even said to contain red herring version of the series. The game of thrones shooting team has even restricted the use of overflying drones in the shooting area. Even after all these measures, many videos are made claiming the leaked storylines. and surprisingly only a few of them matched with the reality so far. But the creators are well aware of all these kinds of leaks and they are making storylines as unpredictable as possible,

6. Tourism Records

The shooting of Game of Thrones in Northern Ireland has been the greatest thing for the economy and tourism of that place. After its initial shooting in Ireland, fans have flooded to visit the place known for its sectarian past. Iceland and the Spanish cities of Girona in the Catalan north and Osuna near Seville’s tourist count skyrocketed for Game of thrones visit. Even the Croatian coastal city of Dubrovnik which is made as to the setting for kings landing: it even had to limit the number of visitors who visit the picturesque medieval center.

7. Names record
The story and the characters in the game of thrones have been the most influential one for many fans. Many peoples worldwide have named their child based on characters from the series. Not just children but the dogs and fishes are named from its characters name. Especially the Daenerys who is known as the Khaleesi also called breaker of chains and mother of dragons had attracted many families to name their child in her name.

About 466 girls in USA and 77 in France are named Khaleesi honoring her name. Arya and its version Aria has been the top 20 most popular name in the UK last year. As the Siberian husky dogs also look similar to werewolves on the series, Tyrion had to appeal fans to stop buying them. After the popularity of series, the animal rights campaigners have complained about the number of huskies abandoned has increased in 7 fold since the series began.

8. Fans Record

Game of Thrones is loved also by the US presidents and other powerful peoples worldwide. Obama used to be the big fan of the series and have even asked HBO to bend their knee (not exactly): strict rules to allow sneak preview of the sixth season. Donald Trump has been using the terms in reference to winter is coming in his various speeches. Making the HBO and it’s team sad, Donald Trump is using various terms like Sanction is coming to Iran and The wall is coming to Mexico.

One funny thing is that: he was unable to learn the lessons from the Wall of the game of thrones which has proven ineffective against illegal immigration ( oh really) of white walkers and show has focused more on the unity of the peoples of 2 side of the wall instead to fight the problem of white walkers .

Hence we can clearly see that the game of Thrones has broken every record it could break so far.
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