Upcoming Project of The 100 Cast

Upcoming Project of The 100 Cast

Fans of the show are eager to know what Upcoming Project of The 100 Cast will be so that they can watch them in screen again. We have collected the information that we could of the cast of the show and what their upcoming project would be. Here are the list of Upcoming Project of The 100 Cast. 

Upcoming Project of The 100 Cast

Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor who plays the role of main character Clarke Griffin in the popular CW show “The 100”. After successfully completing the series she will be now heading toward a big screen. You might know that she has started her acting career on Australian series Neighbours and for a movie she will be returning to Australia. Her new movie is titled It Only Takes A Night where she will be playing the lead in the movie and also will be working a executive producer for the first time.

The movie will follow 4 best friends who goes on girl’s night and ended up in unexpected situation. It will show how one night can change the life of a person.

Eliza Taylor upcoming project
Eliza Taylor upcoming project

Marie Avgeropoulos

Marie Avgeropoulos who plays the role of Octavia is looking forward to amazing projects that are on her way. She was one of the most popular character on the 100. Both critics and audiences loved her role where she got to show her wider range of acting skills. She started as a naïve young woman in the first season of the show who later becomes the unstoppable killing machine.

After the role in the 100, she has played of role of Myra in Nicholas Cage movie Jiu Jitsu. The movie is based on fighters who need to come together to fight the battle with the alien race. Unfortunately the movie was poorly received by critics and audiences

The next upcoming project of Marie is Butterfly in the Typewriter. This is currently on post production and will follows the story of author John Kennedy Toole. It will show how much problem he had to face to release his masterpiece “A Confederacy of Dunces”

Marie Avgeropoulos upcoming projects

Lindsey Morgan

Lindsey Morgan who plays as Raven is personally my favorite character from the show. I was looking forward what she would do next and I am pleased to see that what she has in store for us. If you loved her character on 100 then you will even like more on her next project Skylin3s which is the sequel to the 2010 movie Skyline. This will also be a sci-fi movie set in future where humans will co-exist with the alien and one they virus threatens the peace.

She is also in the another new series named Walker with the  Supernatural famed Jared Padalecki. Walker is a retelling of a old long-running series “Walker, Texas Ranger,” which follows the adventure of Cordell Walker as he returns to his old town after being undercover for 2 years. In the series she plays the lead role of Micki, one of the rare female Rangers.

Lindsey Morgan upcoming project


Richard Harmon

Richard Harmon who plays the role of John Murphy has been busy after the completion of the 100. He has recently appeared in a CW hit series Kung Fu in episode 6 as TJ. He has also appeared in A Cinderella Story: Starstruck.

He is currently working on a new horror movie Margaux which will follow a group of college friends that rent a house to party then they realize that house is equipped with super advanced AI system that they need to deal with,

Richard Harmon upcoming project
Richard Harmon upcoming project

Bob Morley

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about the upcoming project of Bob Morley. All we know is that he was last appeared in a new police procedural drama The Rookie. He was in the episode 14 of the Rookie where he plays the role of Half-life who is a part of gang. As of now, we could not find any other information of his upcoming project

So, these are the list of Upcoming Project of The 100 Cast and if we find the information on other cast members then we would definitely update you.


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