Are first kill stars Sarah and Imani Dating in real life?

Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis, who star in First Kill, are they dating in real life?

On June 10, Netflix released First Kill, starring Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis, a good vampire series that people could sink their teeth into. When First Kill was made available on Netflix, I don’t believe anyone anticipated its enormous impact. It skyrocketed to the top of Netflix’s list of the top 10 television programs and remains there as of June 16. A week has passed since the premiere of the show, and it does not appear that it will be removed from the list any time soon.

First Kill, an original Netflix series from showrunner Felicia D. Henderson and creator V.E. Schwab, who also wrote the novel the series is based on, depicts how complicated first love can be when a teenage vampire falls for a vampire hunter. Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) is under pressure from her powerful family to make her first kill as a vampire, while Calliope (Imani Lewis) has all the necessary training to kill her first vampire as a hunter. However, the two are drawn to each other in a very powerful way, and their growing attraction complicates the situation.

All credit goes to the fans who have mobilized to ensure that Netflix recognizes the need for more female-on-female content on its platform. Fans have organized First Kill viewing and re-viewing parties to continually increase viewership and increase the likelihood of a second season.

Why do individuals enjoy First Kill? Well, there are many reasons why people love the vampire series, but two of the most important are the intriguing premise and the strong chemistry between Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis. People are beginning to question whether or not they are dating in real life. Fortunately, we have the answer to this pressing question, which we have provided below.

Are First Kill co-stars Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis in a romantic relationship?

Any fans who hoped Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis were dating in real life, I’m sorry to disappoint you. The talented actresses are currently single. They are simply co-stars and close friends. Due to their on-screen and off-screen chemistry, it is only natural for people to speculate that they are dating. However, this is not the case. You’ll have to watch their characters’ (Juliette and Calliope) love story unfold in the vampire series if you want to see them together.

Who is dating Sarah Catherine Hook?

It appears that Sarah Catherine is unattached. She has not been rumored to be dating anyone recently, nor has she been seen in public with a romantic partner. On her Instagram page, Sarah Catherine has previously posted intimate photos with a man named Phillip Laskaris. It is unknown whether they ever dated. He could be one of her closest friends. However, we are certain that Sarah Catherine and Phillip are not currently dating because Phillip appears to be involved with another person. Until Sarah Catherine announces her relationship status publicly or rumors begin to circulate about who she is dating, we must assume she is single.

Who is dating Imani Lewis?

Like her co-star and on-screen girlfriend from the film First Kill, Imani Lewis appears to be single. Imani is an extremely private individual who prefers to keep her personal life off of social media. Therefore, even if she were dating, we would likely never know. On her Instagram or Twitter page, there are no hints as to who she might be dating. Neither has she been reported to be in a relationship. Therefore, we must assume Imani is single until proven otherwise.
First Kill, starring Sarah Catherine Hook and Imani Lewis, is exclusive to Netflix.

They have recently participated in a Co-Star test video on a renowned youtube channel.